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Cooking from the Albanian CookbookThe New York Times by: Mimi Sheraton  - Saturday, January 15, 1983

   The lusty peasant dishes of Albania are gathered in a third recent issue, the interesting "Albanian Cookbook," a fund-raising effort of the Women's Guild of St. Mary's Orthodox Church in Worcester, Mass.  This book describes in fascinating detail the historical, religious and cultural heritages of "the land of the eagles" and includes a chapter on folk customs.
     Broiled meats on skewers, mint-scented vegetable salads, lamb chops or meat balls in onion sauce and various meat and rice-stuffed vegetables all have special appeal for winter dining, as do three tempting cornmeal pies, one made with feta, one with leeks, and one with scallions and cream cheese.
     The "Albanian Cookbook" can be ordered from the Women's Guild of St. Mary's. ORDER NOW!

Foreword by Anthony Athanas

Anthony's Pier 4
foreword by: Anthony Athanas, President
Boston, Massachusetts
    The foundation of America's strength, beauty and richness is basically in its vast and unsurpassed diversity of peoples and their respective cultures - from the small nations as well as the large.
     Food customs and traditions, of course, are very vital ingredients of the cultures of the various countries and each of them should have a cookbook such as this to appropriately chronicle its recipes for posterity.
     In the history of groups and nations, food has been utilized not only to appease hunger but also to celebrate many kinds of events, holidays, and other dates of relative importance.
     While Albanians didn't have the luxurious food resources of some of the more affluent countries, they generously compensated for that by making what they had, literally, do wonders for them -  through loving diligence and intelligence provided cherished recipes for all occasions.
      We are, indeed, greatly indebted to the Women's Guild of the Albanian Orthodox Church of St.Mary's Assumption of Worcester, who has given so unstintingly of their time and effort to enable us to have the enviable opportunity to partake of the treasured recipes in this book.

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